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Esjan, Part Tvö

It was such a nice day today, I decided to go back up Esjan. This time, I remembered to turn on my GPS tracker to record some information about the path.

According to Google Earth’s interpretation of my GPS log, the total trail was 4.48 miles (7.21 km), 2.5 miles of which were ascending and the remaining two miles descending (I took the longer more meandering trail up and the more direct one down). It took three hours and 22 minutes in total, almost two hours of which were ascending. The elevation gain was 2627 feet (800 meters) from the parking lot to the summit. The average grade on the ascent was 19.9%, with a maximum of 41.5%. Descending the steeper trail, the average grade was -23.1%, and -41.8% at the steepest point.